Khaosok expedition II


Rafflesia exploring and Sok river canoeing 


          Rafflesia Kerri   in Khaosok The rafflesia is the world's biggest flower.  

          It has no green leaves, stalk or roots and it is a parasite.

          The flower is shaped as a round open basin, with five leaves.

          The "center-part" of the flower has a large opening into the flower.

          There is a fleshy dish of pollen inside the basin. This flower is extremely rare.


          Diameter   60 - 100 cm.       Weigh      5 - 7 kg. 

          Color     Red with white/yellow spots


            D a y    t o u r   i t i n e r a r y                                            

            8.00   Depart from hotel.                              

            9.30   Arrive Khaosok national park                                      

                     Approx. 400 m. hiking to explorer point of Rafflesia

           12.30   Finish hiking . Clean up and move to the restaurant.                                      

           13.00   Lunch at river side Thai restaurant .                  

           14.00   Move to Sok river canoeing site . View along Sok river ,

                      relax and enjoy amazing scene of limestone rocks    

                      formation and some animal as bird ,snake or lizard

                      with experienced paddler .                                      

           16.00   Finish tour and travel back to Khaolak.


      Tour includes  :  

      Hotel transfer  , lunch , soft drink , travel insurance and tour guide


      Needs to bring :   

      sun block ,cap /hat , insect repellent ,   towel ,  swimming suit and  extra clothes                                                                          







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