Phangnga Bay expedition

Phangnga bay national park was created as the marine national park on 29th April 1981. 

The park  covers the area of  400 square kilometres , protects the largest area of original primary mangrove forest remaining in Thailand and 80% is covered by Andaman Sea with  over 42 large and small islands .





Khao Khian  On the cliff which stands above the sea, there are pre-historic paintings featuring various kinds of animals. A study by the Department of Fine Arts has indicated that these paintings are over 3,000 years old. They are assumed to have been painted by seamen who use this place to escape from the monsoon.

Ko Panyi  or Muslim fishing village is a small island made from limestone hills and plains. This is an interesting Muslim community. There are about 280 households of fishermen. On the island, there are many restaurants and souvenir shops.

Ko Talu Nok ( Sea cave canoeing ) is a lofty limestone cave with a giant hollow whereby canoe can pass through. In a hollow, there are numerous stalactite formations on its ceiling, beyond the hollow is a beautiful of mangrove forest..

Khao Ping Kan & Khao Tapu (James Bond Island) Khao Ping Kan Named so because of its nature of being split into two halves. The smaller rock slid down, with its foundation stuck under the ground and the upper parts still leaning against each other. Behind the mountain is a superb scenery. Looking into the sea one finds Khao Tapu, a nail-shaped island, a solitary pillar in the sea..It is the most remarkable of Phang-nga Bay.

Ko Phanak - Ko Hong , this place will make you feel like in the huge room. A beautiful island with caves that house stalactite and stalagmite formations as well as small cascade, which flows onto several tiers..

Suwankuha Temple  on main land the Buddhist cave temple where situated of golden reclining Buddha image Around the temple is full of funny long tail monkey which can feed and take a photo.








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    Day Tour I t i n e r a r y 8.00 Depart from the hotel . 9.15 Arrive Tha Dan pier in Phangnga town. - Get on the longtail boat . View amazing scener of limestone rocks formation a...

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    Day Tour I t i n e r a r y 7.30 Depart from the hotel . 8.45 Arrive Tha Dan pier in Phangnga town. - Get on the longtail boat . View amazing scenery of limestone rocks formation ...
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